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  • FV&M – Import/Export is a young procurement, export and trading company of fresh frozen and processed foods founded in mid 2010, our main goal is to reduce the gap between producers and the final customers facilitating the distribution in domestic markets and the exports to the main markets of Europe, North America and Asia and to supply the demand of this products all year round.
  • We are devoted to high quality and because of that all of our partners are certified in foodsaftey, quality and GAP's by international certification bodies.
  • The reason we exists: as we said before we want to close the gap between the producers and the consumer. After years of experience by its CEO and Founder we detected many areas of oportunities to help small-medium growers, packers and processors get their products to the main markets helping them improve their production, processes, income and mostly their quality of life.



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As a procurement company we are able to supply more than 20 different fruits and vegetables as well as frozen pulps and fruits. Our main objective is to solve your supply problems efficently, with competitive cost and the highest quality standards. Here are some of the products we can supply depending on the season, time of year and origin:

Persian Limes (all year, Mexico)

Lemons (Aug-March, Mexico - March-Dec Argentina)

Grapefruit (in season from June-April, Mexico)

Avocados (all year from, Mexico)

Mangoes of different varieties (in season from January to September, Mexico) 

             Tommy Atkins,





Berries: Blackberry (Oct-May, Mexico)

             Blueberry (Sep-Aug Mexico, different regions)

              Raspberry (Sep-May Mexico)

              Strawberry (year round different regions, Mexico)

Tomatoes: Saladette, Beef, cherry, grape  (Year round, Mexico)

Chili peppers: Jalapeños, Serranos, Poblanos, Anaheim and others (Year round, Mexico).

Onions (white,  Year round, Mexico)

Garlic white and purple (From end of March-August Mexico, October-March Argentina)

Bellpepper (Year round)

Zuccini (Year round)

Grapes: Thomson seedless (End of April to mid December, Mexico)

Litchies (May-June, Mexico)

Total quality

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We are convinced that only throught a total quality assurance in all the processes of the supply chain can a good product achieve the markets with the highest quality. As we well know perishable products are easily damage if processes and risk management are not well handled. For this reason all of our suppliers are inspected and visited several times a year and during season and have to meet quality at all times, this is our primary job, to give you the service and product that todays consumers demand.

To accomplish this we have developed a system of evaluation for suppliers not only for the products but for specialized transportation of perishables, warehouses and coldstorage, customs brokers, and all players along the supply chain. We are also applying state-of-the-art technology in the postharvest processes to monitor all our products throught out the supply chain all the way to the reception by our customers. Also all shipments are evaluated at port of entry by specialized surveyors and destination to assure our products arrive with the high quality we seek to achive on delivery.

Give us your trust and we will deliver with the quality requirements you need.

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Río Amacuzac 1023, Col. Valle Oriente, CP 66269

San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León, México

USA +1 956 802.2930

Mex +52 1 81 17453441



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